Friday, December 05, 2008

Eddie's Submarine and Geography Bee

I like his creativity and detail here. I used to draw stuff like this all the time when I was his age. This kind of picture really takes me back.

And some news on the Eddie front... let's cross our fingers!


Adolfo said...

From a designer point of view, I grade you A+. Your level of detail is simply impressive! It easy to see what you are trying to say.Your drawing skills are very good!

By being selected from your professors out of many kids in your school makes you already a winner. Congratulations on your selection! Keep it up!
Tio Adolfo

Chuck said...

Wow Eddie, you're very talented. I'll take a ride on your submarine as soon as it's ready!

Nana said...

Eddie, while your submarine is very impressive, much like your Dad's artwork at the same age; what I'm really impressed with is your making the finals of the Geography Bee! Way to go! I hope you make it all the way! That scholarship would be really nice!

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