Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Aberdeen was the first place I lived in the Unites States. Dad was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds while he worked at the Ordnance College there as a Master Instructor.

Today, with Becky and the boys, we took Nana and Grandpa up there to see their old home, and also to show the boys the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, where they have an impressive collection of tanks and artillery--from all over the world--some of them dating back to as early as World War I.

Luke especially enjoyed the museum. I mean, a museum completely dedicated to weaponry is just his thing. But even Eddie didn't seem as disinterested as I thought he would. Of course, Eddie never met a gift shop that he didn't like, and even this one satisfied.

It was also good that the museum is mostly outside and the weather was nice. The boys could run and play and work off lots of energy.

Grandpa really enjoyed describing the tanks for the boys. It was a nice way for him to bond with his grandsons. Of course, I had lots of things to snap with my camera.

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