Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Starkvegas Days

One advantage of being "out there" on the big ol' Internet is that friends from long ago find you after so many years. These photos are from Starkville, Mississippi, circa 1986, when I was just a wee lad in high school.

Here are some of the names of people I recognize in these old photos. I put the names here in the hopes that people will eventually Google themselves and stumble upon this entry in my blog. The names are:

  • Elliott ?
  • Karen ?
  • Katrine ?
  • Lawrence ?
  • Jana Barron
  • Dan Brown
  • Leda Mae Ruth Bartlett
  • Chad Becker
  • Claire Chastain
  • Tom Crosby
  • Sigrid Dekay
  • Yanna De La Cruz
  • Dee Downer
  • Celie Fetty
  • Kurt Gardner
  • Winston Gatsby
  • Jeff Howerton
  • Scott Johnson
  • Ulrika Kjellin
  • Sonya Michelle Jones
  • Tim Jordan
  • Lee Ann Kilpatrick
  • Christy Lee
  • Ann Lightsey
  • Curtis Martin
  • Duncan Montgomery
  • Amy Parvin
  • Stacey Parvin
  • Aretta Zitta

If anybody out there has more of the names, let me know and I will update the blog. Just add a comment below.

Thanks to Sonya for the photos. It looked like one swell party!

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