Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flooring Job Started

Tonight, we started the new flooring job for the second level. Becky had already moved most of the furniture out of the room and into the hallway when I got home from work. (Honestly, that woman is a God-send!)

Then, Luke and I ripped out all of the carpet in the master bedroom, taking up all of the padding as well. This was a major chore since we tried removing it while working around the bed. We did it this way to try to avoid disassembling the bed, which is always seriously difficult.

It was only when we were completely finished removing the carpet, and had thrown everything out the second floor window (That was fun!), that the bed actually came apart, and we were forced to disassemble it anyway. Oh well.

The eleven year old carpet was filthy, with big stains from where watered plants had run over or from where children had spilled various drinks and potions. Nasty stuff. But gone now.

Now we're down to the subflooring in our bedroom, with carpeting still down in the bathrooms, hall and boys' rooms. We'll work on this project room by room.

Before I can start laying in the Witex, we will need to make some minor repairs to the subfloor, taking up all the tack strips and padding staples, and sanding down a few of the rougher spots where the contractors had spilt huge globs of paint and contractor's glue.

But in a day or two, we should be able to lay in the first bit of the Witex, and then move furniture back into the master bedroom before we take on another room.

For tonight, we'll be sleeping in the guest room.

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