Sunday, October 19, 2008

Michael's First Birthday

For being the center of attention, Michael was a pretty unhappy camper.

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Mom said...

Maybe Mike was supset because I forgot his birthday was the day before & didn't realize that I missed his 1st birthday until Pat Grace, your babysitter reminded me. Talk about maternal guilt. I needed therapy to get over that one!

I noticed that even though Mike showed no interest in his birthday cake, you were more than willing to sample it for him!

Did you notice Mike's curly hair. The resolution is so bad that it is hard to see the details.

That little gingham cap he had on with the "googly eyes" & yellow bill was a gift from Pat that had a matching shortall that had the duckhead on the bib. It was the cutest outfit!!!!

Pat was the one who got me started shopping for you boys at a chldrens store in Bel Air, MD. They had the cutest & nicest childrens clothes bar none. They had gorgeous Italian import clothes for children that were pricey, but were so nice! I have photo's of you all in them. I had to put them in lay-away so I could afford to buy them. I dressed you all exclusively from there since we did not have GAP, Old Navy or Gymboree in those days.

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