Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas with the Sweet Baboo

Add Michael to the scene, and we have a nice little family for Christmas. Mom is now in full "Cher" mode before lopping off her hair.

Michael was always known as Mom's "Sweet Baboo". Anyone who knows Mike understands the irony in this! (Aww, Mike, I'm just joking!)


Dad said...

He is still her "sweet baboo". I am convinced she just doesn't understand the definition of sweet!

Mom said...

Christmas 1973 was at our house on Maxa Rd. in Aberdeen MD. We lived there long enough that the first time we took you to OK everyone said "They sound like little Yankees!".

It was apparent early on that when Mike expressed an interest in your new Christmas toy, you weren't willing to share & deposited it in the new wagon out of his reach & then turned around to go take his new pull toy for investigation!

Mike was a very sweet , manageable baby at that age. He ate & slept & pooped! He was a very easy baby to take care of. He had to be woke up to feed him. He was a great sleeper. When he ate, he could suck a bottle down faster than anything I had ever seen.

You on the other hand was a very picky, slow eater when it came to your bottle. You never slept longer than 1-2 hour intervals, day & night! I think you had cloic, but I was too dumb to realize it & we had a terroible, non-existent support network in Germany. You didn't sleep thru the night until you were well over a year old.

Mike came home from the hospital at 2 days old, sucked sown 4 oz of milk & slept all night. Within a 2 weeks he was dinking 8 oz every 6 hours. ( I had to wake him up to feed him!

Mike gave up his sweet Baboo when he hit 2 years odl. He then turned into Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde!

The bouncy hairy dog was "Peanut". Some friends talked us into adopting her from them - then we found that she wasn't house-broken, so we returned her. She was sweet, but un-trained & already about 2 years old!

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