Saturday, October 11, 2008

Christmas 1970

The new family has their first Christmas together. I was pretty much out of it, contented to swing in my swinging chair.

As always, Mom is looking pretty darn stylish. If you pay close attention to all these videos, you'll see a progression from 1969 to 1973 of my mother's hair getting longer and longer and longer (approaching Cher-like proportions). Then she gives birth to Michael, and she lops it all off.

My father has the inverse progression, with his hair mysteriously vanishing through the years.

We're still looking for where it went.


Matt and Deachi said...

Love the kickin' knee high socks Scott! These videos crack me up!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you liked your hammock so much, you in that baby swing is kind of like you in your hammock, same hair and same facial expression all you need know is a camera around your neck it must have brought you back...The Whelans

mdautrich said...

What was that contraption Uncle Warren got for Christmas???

What a cute little baby!!!

Scott said...

That, my dear cousin, was a slide projector. It was an ancient invention that shone bright incandescent light through a small colored film producing pretty images on a large white sheet. I read about it once in an old book at the library! :-)

And as for the cute baby... well, it was all downhill after that!

Mom said...

What a cute baby you were. Everyone always told me you should have been a "Gerber" baby. That precious hat was red corduroy with ear flaps from Grandma Harris. You LOVED your swing!

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