Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Comes Early

Sunday we have an absolutely jam-packed day of events, so we decided to join Desi and Sharon and celebrate Father's Day today--Saturday.

Dinner was just perfect. Steaks, new potatoes, corn and a big salad.

Afterward, we goofed off with the kids, until Ronan ripped my tank-top. This had me looking like a caveman, so I felt obliged to hoist my woman upon my shoulders and carry her away. (She was not amused.)

The kids also found a fledgling that was unable to fly, so they "rescued" it from the pouring rain and nearly killed the poor thing with their rescuing.

Sharon's cherries looked nice in the rain too, so I got a picture of those.

Another fun-filled evening. Here are some great photos of all the kids.

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