Friday, June 13, 2008

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

It was time again for Mrs. Verdile's Spring Recital. This time, Eddie performed Ancient Dance by Michael Praetorious and Brave Spirit Dancer by Dennis Alexander.

You'll notice that Eddie has memorized his music--not all the kids can do that. I think he plays very well, but then, I am severely biased.

After Eddie was done playing, I was thinking about how we need to get Luke to perform in a guitar recital. He's coming along very nicely on his guitar, and it's a shame we never get to hear from him. For the summer, his teacher, Mrs. Moore, allows him to pick one song--any song from the radio--and she will buy the music and teach it to him. Luke is going to choose You're Beautiful by James Blunt. However, and this is so Luke, he's not going to sing the James Blunt version. Instead, he wants to sing the Weird Al version of You're Pitiful. At least we'll have something to put down on video soon. Until then, here's the Weird Al version, animated by Lavalle Lee:

As for me, I have been diligently practicing my clarinet. I no longer sound as though I am taking carnal liberties with a goose. I can now safely say that I am as good as I was in sixth grade. So, I can only get better from here. Right?

Anyway, here is Ode to Joy, as best as I can do it.

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