Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Late addition in the Garden

I was just closing the living room curtains, when I noticed this little lady sitting in the tree outside our window. If we're lucky, we may see chicks soon.


Mom said...

We have a lot of nesting birds as well - especially with all the evergreens. The robins & blackbirds always layover in our yard every year as the tundra starts its thaw. Dad said he saw cracked robin eggs everywhere when he mowed. No one set-up housekeeping in my front porch wreath. I guess the plaster EASTER CHICKS in their straw hats & finery scared them off, or it could have been the giant plastic eggs.

Scott said...

I love this picture. It was taken through the curtains, through the window, through half of the foliage of the tree. I never would have been able to take this with a point-and-shoot compact camera. It would have never been able to find the focus on the birds eye.

I used my zoom lens, and manually focused on the bird, with the lens only poking through the curtains. (So I wouldn't scare away the bird, which was only five feet away through the window.)

Scott said...

Oh, I also used Aperture Priority set to like f/4 so that the leaves in the foreground were blurred out of focus. No flash and ISO 400.

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