Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Freebird (in B flat)!

My new clarinet has returned from the fix-it shop! I dusted it off and tried doing a scale after twenty years of no practice. Remarkably, I still remembered how to do it! I was amazed how quickly I got winded. I didn't remember it being this hard to blow on this thing.

The boys wanted me to play with them on their instruments. We picked one song we all know--"When The Saints Go Marching In." I played from memory, thank you very much!

What you are witnessing here is the genesis of the next big family band. Just like the Wilkinsons, or the Osmonds, or the family Jackson, we Harrises will be a tour de force on the Billboard charts. You saw it here first, folks!

Just let me practice a bit more.

(In the meantime, if any of you parents have bad children who need punishment, I will be happy to practice in front of them for $7 an hour.)


sharon said...

We always thought you were a blowhard.You need to practice your blowing.-sharon

Chuck said...

I admire your picking up your instrument again. I thought about getting another trumpet, but decided that it wouldn't go over well in a high-rise condo. Plus I'm lazy. So there it is.

Instead of renting out your time, maybe you should use the restaurant mariachi model: they pay you to go away.

Scott said...

The biggest reason I got it was because of the boys. They found it at a garage sale and insisted I get it. And since it was only $25, I figured, "Why the hell not?!"

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