Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Eddie pulled out the big tub of Matchbox cars in the basement, and when we got to sifting through them, I found a remarkable number of cars that I owned as a boy. Most of these cars pictured date from circa 1971 (plus or minus 3 years), when toy cars were made completely of metal and manufactured mostly in England (not China).

Luke and I also finished up two woodworking projects. Luke wanted to make Eddie a wagon so that his new Web-Kinz horse could have a wagon to pull. (A very thoughtful gift, indeed.) And while we were shopping for craft projects at Ben Franklin, we purchased this awesome two-masted sailing ship. Luke calls it the Black Spectre. (We improvised the cannons from old Christmas lights... fairy lights, I believe they're called in the UK.)

With each project costing exactly $1, it was actually quite a bargain for the quality time we received. It was fun to spend the time in the wood shop gluing, painting and staining these little projects.

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