Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Van Troubles




I guess it's a blown valve, cylinder, new head gasket, replaced spark plugs, and new flux capacitor. Oy vey!


Chuck said...

Back when I used to buy disposable cars for under a thousand bucks, I always had to evaluate every maintenance item to see whether it was worth fixing. At some point, just changing the oil isn't even worth it anymore. I don't think you're there with the town-town yet, but I certainly commiserate.

Adolfo said...

I thought you guys were going to get the Veracruz van :)

Scott said...

Well, we're going to go ahead and pay it and keep the town-town for one more year. It's still way cheaper than a new (or even used) car.

Now we start "keeping our eye out" for a new van.

The Veracruz is nice, but too expensive.

Mom said...

I guess you answered my question "Repair or Replace?" What is a Veracruz van?

Scott said...

This is the Veracruz.

Anonymous said...

At some point with an old high mileage car, you have to look at getting repair parts from the junk yard. Only some mechanics will do this for you. You ought to look for one to be ready for the next needed repair. -WKH

mom said...

It looks pretty nice - Is it one that Becky is considering or is it too big like an SUV? I know she's been saying she doesn't want an SUV, but a cross over.

Scott said...

The "crossover" is basically a station wagon, but nobody wants to call them station wagons anymore. (I could give a frog's fart what they call it!) Because it's more like a car and less like an SUV, it gets better gas mileage, which is pretty important now that gas is $3.25/gal and rising.

But it costs close to $30k, so we won't be buying one anytime soon. We'll probably eventually get a used Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. Those are really highly rated vans.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! thats almost as much as a new camera and lens! Becky deserves a new car. -Sharon

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