Saturday, January 19, 2008

StatCounter Metrics

My traffic metrics on StatCounter have become quite interesting. My average daily traffic is well over fifty unique visitors a day (which bodes well for my Adsense revenue--maybe I can retire by my 108th birthday).

It's very interesting to see how the traffic varies based on the seasons of the year. For instance, before Hannukah, I got a lot of hits to this entry.

Presently, I'm getting tons of hits for Robert Burns Night from all over the world. In fact, I've seen Robert Burns hits from far reaching countries like Maritius, Germany, India and China. (Transplanted Scots, I'll assume.) I'm pretty impressed that I'm fairly high in the Google pecking order on this topic!

I have also recently been getting a fair number of hits on my Body For Life photos, and these are probably people with their fresh New Years' resolutions to get fit. Though I'm a little disconcerted that my smiling, speedo-clad picture is being used for this inspiration.

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