Friday, October 26, 2007

Saws and Hammers and Awls (Oh, My!)

It was tool night tonight at our Cub Scout meeting. Mr. Broshkevitch did a fine job describing all the tools. He even made birdhouse kits for the boys, so they could practice assembly, hammering, and putting in screws.

In all, the boys did a fine job on their birdhouses, and nobody walked out with a smashed thumb. I'd say that was a success then!


eric said...

Hey Scott - I occasionally wander over to your blog from "Munros." As the very new leader of Wolf Den 4, last night I found myself alone and desperately trying to pull a meaningful den meeting out of my A double S at the last minute.

For some reason I remembered this post, ran out to the garage for a two hour flurry of activity, and had a meeting that involved everything reported here. The end project was a screwed-together version of the recipe holder pictured towards the end of the wolf book, but the kids all had a great time and really seemed to have learned something.

We'll be discussing birds and doing some serious Wood Duck box building in my wood shop at a later meeting.

Anyway, thanks for this post - it turned out to be very helpful!


Scott said...

Hey, that's really cool! I'm glad I could be of service!

Being a den leader is not so bad once you really understand the flow of the wolf book. I just march my way through it week after week until we've done all of it (or nearly all of it).

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