Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nice Throw-In!

Saw this the other morning on ESPN. Check out the throw-in right at 1:00 (and again at ~2:35)!!! Anybody who says soccer is a sissy sport has not truly played the game!

(For what it's worth, that's a perfectly legal throw-in, as both feet were on the ground when the throw occurred.)


Adolfo said...

It is only considered a 'sissy' sport in the States because American men do poorly in international events. Women have proven to be better in this sport. American men are hurt, and that is the truth. - Again, I am talking about soccer. There is no sissy nor girly nor macho thing about any sport. It shouldn't be anyway. Viva la igualdad en los deportes!

Mom said...

Those girls really kick butt! I'd love to see a scrimage between them of some of the guys who criticize the game the most!

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