Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day Three -- Disneyland

On Tuesday, we set off for Disneyland. Arriving in Anaheim at lunch time, we were eager to get some food before we entered the big park. We found a tiny pizza restaurant on Ball Road, called Pizza Time, right next to the park. The restaurant was run by a Mexican woman and her family, and the pizza was completely homemade, crust and all. This little restaurant looked like a dive outside, but it had the best pizza I've eaten all year. Their Mexican pizza had fresh made chorizo and jalapeƱos! The huge 24" pepperoni and sausage pizza was also excellent!

After lunch, we entered the park and immediately started to wait in line. That's what you do at Disneyland--wait in lines. The park was really busy on Tuesday. We only found out afterward that it was because the stars of High School Musical were spending their day at the park and performing for a grand premier of the sequel movie High School Musical 2. We even found out that Eddie's favorite singer, Miley Cyrus, was around in the park, though we didn't get to see her.

After the first two or three rides, and an over one hour wait for the Finding Nemo ride, we prioritized the rest of our day, and hit only the rides we really wanted to hit, skipping lots of others. Our favorite rides for the day were the Nemo ride, the Indiana Jones ride, and of course, the old-school Haunted Mansion ride. (This latter ride hasn't changed one bit in the 30 years since I last rode on it, and that is what is so extremely cool about it!)

By the end of the day, Nana bought Luke another "display knife", a very fancy stiletto in a brass dragon holder. For Eddie, she bought a few more clothes for his Build-a-Bear (named Velvet), while Dad and I enjoyed lemonades in the very picturesque promenade outside Disneyland.

I went home satisfied that I had checked the "Do Disneyland for the kids" item off my lifetime checklist.

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