Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day One -- Evening.

Here are some photos from later in our first day at Smoothrock. This day was also the 4th of July, so we celebrated America's birthday by drinking scotch whisky and playing cards in Canada. Seems pretty good to me!

The reflections on the still lake were spectacular. Next year, we need to bring a water ski!

A nice composition of the camp and the dock.

The entire cabin was powered by solar and propane. The solar array shown here powered the battery system which supplied the lights for all the rooms, plus a ceiling fan and an emergency radio. There was also a solar water pump to provide fresh water and a solar refrigerator/freezer. The propane powered the stove and oven, plus the hot water heater. Really, we were actually quite luxuriously taken care of!

Here are some artsy shots on my exploration of the area near the cabin. The log cabin must be some old thing that burned ages ago. I guess it'd do in a pinch.

The whisky and wine. The Aberlour 10 year was a very pleasant surprise!

Finally, here's a shot of the four of us, me, Mike, Dad, and Uncle Dale, against a spectacular sky. (Our own version of fireworks this fourth of July.)

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