Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day One -- Arrival

Here are some of the photos from our trip to Smoothrock Lake. I will have a more detailed write-up coming along later. For now, I will post a set of each day's pictures every evening. Here are the photos as we left Dulles airport, headed for Minneapolis, where Becky, the boys, and I separated ways--me, Dad, Uncle Dale and Mike heading to northern Ontario by car, and Becky and the boys heading to Nana's house.

In this set of photos: the border crossing at International Falls, which actually sits in the middle of a paper processing plant, our check-in with Pipestone and our wonderful outfitters, Rene and Mike. Also there are pictures of our ride on the De Havilland Sea Otter to Smoothrock Lake, various shots of the vast northern Ontario lakes, and our humble cabin and camp. We also got in a half day of fishing, enough to put dinner on the table that night. (Believe me, it was delicious!)

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