Saturday, May 12, 2007

Haircuts and Baseball

The boys and I were so shaggy this morning, Becky insisted that we get sheered. Normally, this is a pretty uneventful routine, but this particular morning, I, well, I, er... I kinda messed up on Luke. And Luke had to be shaved.

Luke was so unhappy with the cut, but there was nothing I could do. Nothing at all. He was cut. Poor kid, I felt really bad. He sulked and sulked, until I finally decided to let him take a swipe out of my hair. So I gave him the clippers, and he took a swipe right down the middle. Now we both have the exact same haircut, and Luke feels a lot better.

Lucky for Eddie, he escaped unscathed.

After the massacre of the haircuts, Luke had his baseball game. The boys played really well, and Luke even tried to catch one of the line drives with his nose. The game was close, with the other team just barely edging out a win.

It's been a tough day for Luke!

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