Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mount Vernon

With Nana and Grandpa here, we headed down to Mount Vernon for the day to do the tourist thing. The weather threatened rain all day, but it never actually rained until we left, so it turned out to be a really nice overcast day.

Mount Vernon proved really interesting, though there were highlights and lowlights. The highlights: Seeing the inside of the mansion, the flower gardens, the walk down to see the tomb, the museum and the education center. The lowlights: the food court (bring a picnic lunch next time!), the crowds, the parking (or lack thereof).

The picture at left is an amusing one. Notice how Nana seems to be taking George in arm, nudging poor Martha out of the photo. Martha doesn't seem too pleased either.

All in all, the visit was extremely cool, and I would happily go back. I must say, it's very interesting to learn the history of General Washington. Paraphrasing from what I learned today:

Upon winning the Revolutionary War, the country and congress offered Gen. Washington a kingship over the newly formed United States. He declined, and resigned his military commission. This was not what he fought for. He fought so that people could be free of kings, and he wasn't about to become one himself. He retired, and lived for four years at Mt. Vernon until his election into the presidency.

After the touring, we stopped by Malibu Grill Steak House for a little Brazilian Churrascaria. Mom and Dad always love the "Double Meat Palace," as we lovingly call it. Luke ate three big helpings of turkey, and Eddie ate tons of meat as well. For dessert, the grandparents insisted on buying everybody their own dessert--coconut flan, tiramisu, Oreo ice cream, and chocolate truffle cake. Everybody left the place stuffed to the gills. Luke resembled a snake that has just eaten a small goat: bloated and lethargic.

Here are some more photos and a video from the day. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum and the mansion, so these are mostly garden and some family shots.

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