Friday, March 09, 2007

Winter Studio Recital

Tonight, Eddie performed in his first piano recital. He did beautifully, and he was really encouraged by all the clapping and handshaking afterwards. I think he really enjoyed the attention, and his playing was very good, very delicate.

The other kids in Ms. Verdile's studio were also very good. Some of them were very, very good. See for yourself in the following video. Eddie played second, and you can skip around a bit otherwise. But don't miss some of the kids in the second half; they're exceptional.

(Eddie is at minute 2:00, and check out the kid at minute 18:38.)

It's really exciting to hope that Eddie will be following in some of these kids' footsteps, under Ms. Verdile's excellent tutelage.

Of course, all the soothing music had a particular effect on the savage beasts.

The program for the evening:

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