Saturday, March 17, 2007

Field Trip to Dulles

What an exciting day we had today! Luke and Eddie went to a Cub Scout field trip at Dulles Airport, where we met a nice gentleman who showed us all around the airport. The boys got a private ride on a "Special" bus that took us to the new air traffic control tower. Yes, we even got to go up in the tower! The tower is not quite ready for use, and we were the first kids group allowed to tour inside it. It was really high--over 22 stories tall!

These tours are really something special. Public places like Dulles have cut way back on the number of tours they give since 9-11. So to get such a red carpet treatment and behind-the-scenes look at Dulles was a big treat.

After the tower visit, we got an extensive tour of the airport fire station, where they have some really BIG fire trucks! We even got to see a demonstration of the big sprayer!

Finally, we got a special guided tour down the taxi-ways and got to see some airplanes up close! All the boys had a really good time today and learned a lot about how the airport works!

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