Friday, March 16, 2007

Cooking Eddie

Eddie was inspired by his new favorite video game, Cooking Mama, so he insisted on making dinner tonight. This video game is one of those games that only the Japanese would come up with. An anime "mama" (who looks no older than 12 herself) gives you instruction on cooking recipes, and you earn medals if you do them correctly. It's actually very fun, and somewhat educational.

Eddie decided he would make us dinner tonight with his favorite Cooking Mama recipe, Omelet with crab, peas and shitake mushrooms. Eddie did all the cooking, including the prep work and setting the table. I even let him choose the wine, and he chose a nice sake.

Dinner was delicious! Good job, Cooking Eddie!

Here's Eddie's recipe, directly from his written instructions, as he's interpreted them from his video game:

1. Cook 10 crab legs (1.5 lb snow crab legs)
2. Slice shitake mushroom
3. Cut off crab legs
4. Remove crab meat
5. Break 6 eggs
6. Beat eggs
7. Add to eggs, crab, peas, mushrooms
8. Pan fry over adjusting heat. Press 4 times. Flip at the end.
9. Put on plate and serve

By the way, Eddie thought this recipe might be enjoyed by Nana, Grandpas Duke and Warren, and especially Tio Adolfo! He knows Grandma Duke doesn't like crab.

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