Monday, January 22, 2007

Luke Makes Some Porridge and Eddie Practices the Piano

I love this picture. Luke is such a little imp, though this particular imp is quite helpful in the breakfast kitchen. Remember when you could sit like that?

This was Eddie's second week of practice, and here he's playing from his practice songbook.

And from what he's learned, he's already pecking out a song he knows by ear. I'd say this is progress! I'm pleased to see his use of two hands for this. That's more than I can do at this point, and he's not even thinking about it.


JamesF said...

Scott: I'm pleased to see his use of two hands for this.

This really isn't intended to come across as negative (but realistically, I'm not sure I can open my mouth without it sounding negative), but I'm not sure using the second hand for only the last note qualifies as actually using two hands (although the second hand was up there and ready at all times). He did seem to use two hands a lot (and effectively) in that first video. Maybe that's what you were referring to. :-)

Scott said...


That's the sound of my proud fatherly ego deflating. Thanks, James. :-)

gaz. arrggg! said...

envourage! encourage! encourage!

that's what it's all about people.

[although James does have a point, :-)]

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