Monday, January 22, 2007

First Snow 2007

Finally, our first snow for the winter. Yesterday, about noon, it started snowing, and we pulled in about one or two inches by the time it was through. Perhaps more will arrive later this week.


gaz. arrggg! said...

we can see snow on the hills from where we are but so far it's refusing to fall where we want/need it to. my boys are desperate for some, especially as the weather report said it would at the w/e!
nice house btw.

Scott said...

>nice house btw.

Thanks. Our house is a relatively new home, less than 10 yrs old, but was fashioned in the style of many of the 100 year old Virginia farmhouses in our town. Inside, it's totally modern, but outside, it has that charming, last century appeal.

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