Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday, 11:00 am -- PMPL in Christmas Parade

My friend, Harry, has gotten himself possessed. Yes, possessed. Possessed by a sorority girl. I'm not sure how, but a Zeta Tau Alpha has taken up residence in his body, and that is why I found myself sitting in 20 degree weather, on a float in the Purcellville Christmas Parade.

Yes, Harry decided it would be cool to register a float for our poker team, the Purcellville Men's Poker League, or PMPL (pronounced, very eloquently, as "pimple" for short). He got banners, and elf hats, and a trailer, and soon, we all found ourselves rolling down Main Street playing a few rounds of dealer's choice poker.

Actually, once we got into it, and once our toes froze beyond the pain, it was actually quite funny. We got a lot of flabbergasted laughs and waves from the crowd. Harry was grinning like a Cheshire cat. This was his day in the sun. (Even if that sun was only 20 degrees.)

Next year, though, let's do the July 4th parade. My feet are still thawing out.

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