Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogger Beta is working

I have successfully converted my blog over to Blogger Beta, and the best changes, as I can see them, are:

  • Improved dynamic "Archives" section in the sidebar
  • Improved template edits

The latter is not really realized if you don't mess with your template a lot, but if you do, once you convert it (which does take some effort), it's a lot easier to make changes in the future, because everything been broken down into "elements" that can be rearranged, color-changed, etc., all very easily.

There does seem to be one other benefit, though I'm not sure if it was because of the switch to Beta. The FTP publishing to my website actually works totally reliably right now. I had always preferred to use the FTP method, but I could never get Blogger's FTP client to talk to my FTP server hosted by my website host company. But I noticed quite by accident that it was working now. (You can see my test blog at

The advantage of the FTP method, as I see it, is that I could download all the files to my site, and then redownload them to my home so that I have a really thorough backup of the blog. Plus, I could go from having to just But it would mean dropping out of the blogspot namespace, and I am not sure how many people have me cross linked.

Any of you out there in the blogosphere have any suggestions?

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