Thursday, December 21, 2006

New toys for the boys

For rewards for selling Cub Scout popcorn, the boys received some little trinkets from BSA. Eddie got this really cool multi-function survival kit which includes, among other things, a knife, an eating fork, fish scaler, a flashlight, compass, and even a telescope (shown).

Luke got a game-radio which is a nifty little FM radio and Tetris game, all rolled into one. Luke has hence been busy thumbing his way through the game while listening to the local radio station. Meanwhile, Eddie has barricaded himself in the bathroom in "survival mode"--lights out ready for the bombs to fall. (He's got his flashlight on and his kit ready to fillet a trout that might lurch up out of the plumbing.)


I think I'm finally done buying LED lights for the house. After four trips to the local pharmacy, here's what I've got.

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