Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cake Bake!

As if the day wasn't busy enough, with a full afternoon of Holiday parties and baking cakes this morning, we had a Cake Bake Pack Meeting tonight as well.

But, oh, what a wonderful night for a Cake Bake! We had some great cakes this year, and a lot of fun auctioning all of them off.

Eddie's cake was relatively simple... just a Santa form carved into a sheet cake.

Luke's required more innovation. He wanted light sabers on his (originally four, but I cut him down to two). I was shopping at Bloom for edible items (the cakes have to be 100% edible) that would serve as light saber staffs, when I came across a seven foot section of sugar cane (for only $2.90!). Hmmm... too big. Then my eye caught the German cucumbers. Perfect. I grabbed two of those, plus two Russet potatoes which are excellent for whittling into shapes, and we were set.

Here are the boys' cakes:

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