Friday, December 08, 2006

Full Regalia for International Night

Tonight is International Night at the kids' school. Becky and I volunteered to do a booth on Scotland, especially since Pam was already doing Germany. We put together some of our favorite Scotland pictures, will be bringing in some Walker shortbread cookies, and, of course, the full regalia of my kilt.

Here I am in my dress attire, with Argyll jacket, dress sporran, Campbell tie and Balmoral pin, kilt hose and flashes. Very schnazzy.

Here also is the display Becky and I put together for the night.


Adolfo said...

Cute picture Scott! I am glad to see that the boys are being exposed to the diversity of cultures. I support diversity and the well being of people. Thumbs up! :-)

JamesF said...

Weak. You obviously just stole some pictures from the photo contest at work and put them in Scottland your display and attempted to pass them off as your own. :-)

Sandi said...

I love your look in your kilt. I'm happy to see that you are embracing your multi-cultural heritage with such gusto! Walker shortbread is absolutely the best!!!

Scott said...

Adolfo: Thanks! Diversity is critical, and so is tolerance and understanding! I agree!

James: Alright, you busted me! All the pix were stolen from work! :-)

Mom: Thanks, but I still appreciate the German in me too! I'll save some shortbread for you!

Peter said...

The Walker Shortbread is good but you should have also had a bottle of a nice single malt. I recommend Lagavulin. Nice display :-)

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