Monday, November 06, 2006

Evensong at St. Paul's Parish

Sunday evening, we took Eddie and Luke, along with all the other choristers from our church, down to St. Paul's Parish church on K Street in Washington DC. This church has a very well established choristers program, and our choir director thought it would be inspirational for the kids to see what some really established choristers sound like.

Simply put, they were amazing. The soaring sounds of the organ, the ten adult men and these twelve boys was unbelievable. Evensong, for those of you who are not aware of it, is a special evening solemn service, sans communion and gospel readings, which is supposed to be a prayerful, reflective service almost completely rendered in song. It is a very peaceful way to end the day.

Here are some samples from the night:

As the service ended, and the mighty procession of priests was leaving, one boy, who for some unknown reason had not left with the rest of the choir, came scurrying out of the choir pews, nearly knocking over the pedestal for the readings, and received a very dour glare from one of the priests.
Then, after the service, our families were invited to meet the boys and their choir director in the practice room below the church.

It was fun to see that these twelve boys, who had so closely approximated heavenly angels, were cutting up and enjoying themselves with fart jokes. I guess boys will be boys, no matter how angelic.

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