Sunday, October 01, 2006

Camping at Bear's Den

Pack 39 once again scaled the lofty heights of Bear's Den for a night of insane silliness and goofy singing! The boys had a great time up on the mountain, and we all enjoyed a hike to view the Shenandoah valley from the rocky overlook off the Appalachian Trail.

Although the weather was quite nice most of the time, it did pour cats and dogs around midnight, and several of us awoke to dampened sleeping bags. But even the rain couldn't hold back the fun, as by 6:45am, the boys were out carousing again in the woods, with the parents looking bleary-eyed for that first pot of coffee.

Several of the new Tiger Cubs were able to join us up on the mountain, and I was sure glad to have them with us: Adam B., Joey G., Luke H., and William F. Special thanks to William, who told the scariest campfire story I had ever heard! I think he made it up on his own, but it kept me in nightmares all night long! Good job, William!

Here are several pictures from the event:

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