Friday, August 11, 2006

It's okay folks! No need to worry!

The good news: The camera is working again.

The bad news: I'm an idiot. Apparently, you have to remember to recharge the batteries.

In my defense, the camera display usually shows a low-battery indicator. This time, it didn't. I was taking a picture of Luke, and just where it makes the "click" sound (which is totally digital, just there for ergonomic reasons), and where it's supposed to show the preview of the picture you just took, it went totally black. I couldn't even close the lens.

I tried the other battery, and it didn't work either. So I was all prepped to call Pentax, and I figured, well, they're going to make me charge it up first, even though I know that won't do anything. Lucky for me, this time, it worked. The batteries were just dead.

So, I'm back in action.


Barry said...
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Barry said...

Glad to hear that you're just an idiot ;-)

JamesF said...

Hey, I was thinking that, but wasn't going to say it.

Barry, did you make a typo / grammatical mistake that made you look like an idiot while calling someone else an idiot in your comment and then have to delete it and enter it again?

Barry said...

Only an idiot would admit to that.

The Dogfather said...

Now... normally I'd jump all over something like this. But I mean... Where's the challenge? That would be like racing a 4 year old, while you're on a sport bike (read motorcycle) and the kid is on a friggin' Bigwheel!

Come back to me with an intricate joke about bodily functions and we're in business.

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