Friday, August 11, 2006

%$@&# Camera!

My camera seems to have died. Luckily, since I blogged about it, I can remember when I bought it (October 2005). It may still be under warranty.

It stinks that these devices fail so much. I just went through this with my Canon camera.

I mean, I understand they have a hell of a lot of mechanics and electronics crammed into a pretty tiny package, and that makes these gadgets pretty fragile, but I have taken really good care of it. I don't really want to have to buy a new subcompact camera every year or two. It's very frustrating, especially since we're about to have a big LeDuc family reunion, and it's died just before the reunion.

Maybe I should make an offer on James' camera now.


JamesF said...

That sucks. October last year seems like a long time ago for an electronic warranty (I would be really surprised if it was more than 90 days or so). Even if it the warranty has expired there might be some recourse if you bought it with a Visa card or something (I think they have some built in electronics warranties or something).

Barry said...

HP's warranty was a year, so I would assume Pentax would be similar. I got a piece of dust on the inside of the lens. I couldn't really tell if it was effecting picture quality, but I complained anyway and they exchanged the camera for a new one with no questions asked.

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