Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kiddo

Today was Eddie's birthday. Since Eddie and Gabi are only one day apart, they decided to celebrate together and have a joint birthday party at the Zoo. They came up with a birdwatching theme, and we all trucked off downtown to let the kids see some birds. The best thing about the bird exhibit at the Zoo is that it's probably the only air conditioned building in the whole Zoo. Since it was near 100 degrees outside, it was welcome relief!

Eddie invited his friends Tao Tao and Mary (but Mary couldn't come). Gabi invited Jineane and Anna. Of course, siblings also came along.

It was hot... sticky sweet, from our heads to our feet, yeah! I'm glad we were only there for a couple of hours. Afterwards, we came home to hit the piƱata, eat some pizza, cake and ice cream, and generally goof off until it was time to send everybody home.

Here are some videos from the party.* None are very long. The first is a cool video of one of the turtles swimming at the Zoo.

The second and third videos are some cool piñata action.

The final video is some very off-key singing of the birthday song.

What's that cake look like, you say? Another Scott Harris masterpiece? Well, you be the judge. I think my cake decorating skills are much better than my singing.

*(I love Google's new instant video upload... no lines, no waiting!)

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