Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Body For Life -- FIRST 12 weeks complete!

I have completed my first* twelve weeks on Body For Life. I'd have to say it was a big success for me. And thanks to Dennis for the coaching and support and making me aware of the program in the first place. I haven't felt better in years... I sleep like a dead man every night, I am more wakeful in the daytime, and I have so much energy! I'm rock solid at 185 pounds, and haven't budged from that weight in the past four weeks. It's a good weight for me to maintain.

I've really enjoyed this program, and I think it will be pretty easy for me to continue it. I like the way the weights augment my swimming regimen, and I believe I'm swimming faster and stronger with the weight program. The swimming also does nicely to loosen me up and keep me flexible after the weight days. I really enjoy the free-weight lifting, especially the upper body sets. And I've even figured out routines I can do on the road using whatever weights or machines are available at the hotel.

As for the eating, it's really not that hard. Sometimes it's hard to get all the snacks in properly, but usually, since I'm eating damn near all the day--every three hours or so--I'm never really hungry. I've gotten awfully fond of cottage cheese and mandarin oranges for my snacks. And the Kashi bars are pretty good for a quick grab-and-go snack. Other than the snacks, I haven't really changed what I'm eating at mealtime. Becky was always a good (and healthy) cook. I'm just not pigging out as much. Instead of eating two or three helpings at dinner, I have one, and that is plenty. The biggest thing I had to learn is that I am not eating until I feel "full." Rather, I eat until I don't feel "hungry" anymore. It's an important distinction, and one that makes a big difference in the way I eat.

As promised, I have some decent before and after photos to show. Warning: These photos are not for the squeamish or immature. If the thought of a photo of me in my undies makes you queasy, then turn back now! You have been warned! And anybody using Photoshop on these photos for evil purposes will feel the wrath of my new muscles! <grin>

Click here for the before/after shots.**

 *The first twelve weeks is just a start. It isn't called Body for Life for nothing!
**Captain America saves the day!

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