Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Major Construction Ahead

A few months ago, a lady died on the highway just behind our house. She was driving her Saturn at about 9am on a weekday morning when, for some unknown reason, she drove off the road, flipped her car, landed in the creek, and died on the spot.

It was a tragic event made more tragic by the fact that there are guardrails precisely before and after the bridge, but not on the bridge. Had there been guardrails, she would have been bounced into the road, and probably still alive.

So the town raised hell, and finally VDOT got out here to fix the bridge.

Now that the bridge is closed, and people are being detoured around the site, we are free to explore the road as pedestrians. The boys and I went down to see the work, and I took some of these pictures. Eddie and Luke thought it was cool that they could walk in the middle of the street, and we did several jumping jacks in the middle of the road, just because we could. Luke also did a little "skiddoo"--a dance move only Luke can do, where he puts his hands behind his back and kicks his feet forward like a Russian Cossack. Though the fact that Luke does this while humming the Mexican Hat Dance strips it of anything Slavic.

We're also starting major construction on our new patio. The workers are supposed to start excavation tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates on that... if the men can work in this deluge of rain we've been getting.

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