Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

Above: Rosa pomifera, New Linden in Loudoun, Lily of the Valley, Coral Bells

Above: Backyard

Above: Weigela from Desi, Yellow and Batik Irises, Globestar Allium


JamesF said...

I like the Irises. The thing I don't get is it seems like the amount of upkeep for that many different plants would just be staggering. How do you manage to find the time to do it? Or do you have the boys acting as indentured servants and make them do it?

Scott said...

Actually, the upkeep is really not very much at all. I only spend maybe one or two hours per week.

But every time I think of it, I'm always grabbing some new plant at the nursery and sticking it into the ground. That's how they've gotten so plentiful. (Though I've killed as many as have lived!)

Most of the plants I buy have next to zero maintenance. The irises, for instance, they only get a trimming in the very early Spring, and that's it.

The biggest maintenance thing I have are the roses, which have to be checked and sprayed for cabbage worms and aphids weekly. But all the bulbs and perennials are nearly carefree.

Barry said...

I vote for the Irises as well.

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