Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fishing in the creek

We went down to the creek this morning. Eddie wanted to catch himself a trout. Since the creek is only a few inches deep, this would be a real accomplishment! However, we did catch two crawdads (or crawfish, or crayfish, as they are sometimes called). We saw them scuttling between the rocks, so I sent Luke up to the house:

"Luke! Run! Go get me some ham! Tell Mom to give you some ham!"

He ran off, and when he came back, we put a chunk of the ham on Eddie's fishing hook. We lowered it into the cracks in the rocks, and sure enough, we caught ourselves two crawdads. Eddie wanted to eat them, but you can't have a crawdad boil with just two crawdads, so I told him it was a practice session--a catch and release program.

We spent the rest of the morning practicing casting, filling our boots with ice-cold water as we walked across the stream, and untangling the hook out of countless branches.

I also caught the following pictures of a robin eating my winterberries for lunch.

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