Sunday, April 02, 2006

Did somebody say "time change"?

The time change totally caught us by surprise this morning. We all got up, and I fed the boys, and I was feeling we were well on track for an on-time departure. We were sitting here wasting time, when I fired up my computer and noticed the clock was 9:29. Holy crap! Time change! We had to rush the kids off to Sunday School, but fortunately, the church is only 5 minutes away. They weren't really late at all. Sure glad I noticed the computer!

With Spring, my garden gnome has returned. I caught this picture of him peeking out from my nandina this morning. He can be quite the elusive fellow.

I also snapped a few more shots of what April 2nd looks like this year. Large dutch hyacinth are out, as well as their cousins, the grape hyacinth.

Dogwoods are budded out, but not yet in bloom. Various daffodils are out, though 75% of mine are still in bud form.

My neighbor, Dan, has a nice ornamental cherry, and it is now in bloom as well.

Finally, I bought myself a couple flats of mixed perennials: two primrose, two leopard's bane, six columbine, five coral bells, three salvia, and six ajuga. I will plant those today in the bed between the house and the garage.

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