Sunday, March 26, 2006

Luke's First T-Ball Practice

Yesterday, though it was blustery cold and threatened rain, we had Luke's first T-ball practice. Luke will be playing on the Astros, and after I explained to Luke that Astros is short for Astronauts, he was quite excited.

He's playing with Coach Poncin. Coach Poncin was his coach last fall for Soccer, and told Luke that when he saw Luke's name come across on the list of kids, he grabbed him quick for the team. Luke was impressed. Coach Poncin likes Luke, and he's a really fun coach for the kids. It's interesting to watch his style coaching. Sometimes, he's completely goofy with the kids, which they really enjoy, but when he's working on more difficult techniques, like batting, he's very quiet, serious and patient. The kids really respond well to him, and they were all doing really well for their first day out.

Of course, most of the kids spent at least a portion of their practice doing that foot shuffle that all six year olds do to kick up the dirt on a dusty baseball field. When I got home, my black coat was covered in baseball dust.

Luke practiced throwing, catching grounders, batting and base running. He said he enjoyed the catching the best.

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