Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snowy night

Got back from dinner at Sharon and Desi's. The snow was really coming down, and the roads were really treacherous. Though it was 4" deep and growing, and I had my dress shoes on, I still had to get my tripod and snap a few shots before bed.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a winter wonderland. It sure is pretty there when you all get a good Noreaster!

Anonymous said...

Scott, I was able to print the pictures. Dad had to show me another way to print them since I wasn't getting the full picture. MOM

JamesF said...

Very nice pics.

I think I liked "2006-02-11 2023-06-31_0032.jpg" and "2006-02-11 2023-12-33_0035.jpg" the best (with 32 getting a nod from the Canadian judge to give it the gold).

Scott said...

Yes, I like 32 and 35 best too. 32 is cool because since Becky had me paint the entire bedroom "moss green", the glow from the bedroom window looks like an alien encounter in our bedroom. Something right out of the X-Files.

When I lay in my bed in that room, I feel like I am submerged under a pond full of algae. Peaceful. Yeah, that's it.

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