Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Now that the stove is working again (I had to replace the control unit which broke because of a cheap plastic button... $177 later! Argh!), we made sweet rolls and eggs for breakfast. Becky had to run off to get her hair cut, so the boys and I enjoyed breakfast together, just the men. Clad in our pajamas, as the snow started to fall outside, we at our sweet rolls and eggs. We ate and chatted. Mostly chatted.

Here's some of the dialog of breakfast. Kinda let's you live the experience with us:

Eddie (to Luke): There's this girl, she has a purple dress, and blonde hair. You would love her!

Luke: Definitely NOT.

Dad: Eat your breakfast, boys.

Luke: These are the best sweet rolls that I've ever had.

Eddie: If you get a hamster, you gotta leave your hamster in there for four days, because it needs to get settled in, so it's nice and cozy. After the four days, you bring it out, but you don't put it above, you put it to the side, and you pet it.

Luke: Guess what I'm going to get? A fish.

Eddie: Then we'll both have a pet!

Luke: That's just what I want.

Eddie: So, you want a fish; I want a hamster. You can get a fish at Wal-Mart! You can use your Wal-Mart card!

Luke: That's what I will do. How much do fishes cost, Dad?

Dad: Depends on the fish.

Eddie: What kind of fish do you want?

Luke: A killer whale! I want a killer whale! I want a killer whale!

Eddie: You will have to get eaten.

Luke: I want a killer whale!

Dad: Who wants another sweet roll?

Eddie & Luke: Me!

Dad: Eat your vitamin first.

Eddie: We eat it at the end.

Luke: I decided I just want a goldfish.

Eddie: They have goldfish.

Luke: Actually, I just want a turtle.

Eddie: Actually, they have turtles!

Luke: I'm going to get a turtle.

Eddie: You'll have to get turtle food.

Luke: Turtle food?

Eddie: You'll have to ask at the school library about turtle food.

Luke: Wonder if you could give it broccoli?

Eddie: No broccoli.

Luke: You could give it water for sure.

Eddie: Water, yeah. For special treat, a peanut. Shelled peanut. And DOG BISCUITS.

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