Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Obsessed with weather?

Did I mention Eddie was obsessed with weather lately?

Becky and I were watching the girls perform on Idol tonight, and while Eddie was supposed to be asleep in his bed, he was instead burning the midnight oil and composing a book about the weather. He really does love to write, although his writing got a little formulaic toward the end. Regardless, it is nice to see his love of writing, and his cursive is absolutely amazing. (Especially when compared with his printing, which is not so great!)

He was so excited about these "extra" stories he wrote (not for any assignment at school), that he wanted to take them in to show his teacher, Mrs. Barbara. However, he said he wanted to edit them in the morning before getting on the bus.

E.M. Harris will be my writer, I think.

Luke will remain my ninja and part-time spy.

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