Friday, September 05, 2014

Philmont Scout Ranch - Chronologically

One of the things I don't like about Blogger is that everything is sorted latest-first.  This works for the general "read something new each day" format of a blog, but once that everyday stuff becomes history, especially when a topic spans multiple days, it is awkward to read it in reverse order.

So, here, I present to you, my Philmont Scout Ranch journal, in chronological order:
By clicking on the links above, and the judicious use of your "Back" button, you should be able to read each entry in order, as a journal was meant to be read.

I hope you enjoy.


Scott said...

Scott, I enjoyed your trek tales and your wit. I plan to accompany my son and 6 other Scouts and Scouters on Trek 17 this year in June. We will see plenty of Philmont's North Country, much of which you visited (although your crew traveled counter-clockwise, whereas we will travel clockwise.) I will try to keep your advice on the poop scale, bushwacking, and ransom notes in mind while we travel. Thanks for telling your take on the story of the Philmont trail.

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Doug Richard said...

Thank you for sharing Scott. Did itinerary 29 this past July with scouts from NH. Only big change was we stayed at Indian writings the first night on the trail.

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