Monday, May 26, 2014

The Blog is BACK, Baby! Camping in Greenbrier

After many requests from my dear friends and family, I'm bringing back the blog.

Well, bringing back the blog for photos of family and friends and such, since I'm souring more and more on keeping my entire family history on Facebook. After much haranguing from Sharon, Becky and Leslie, I decided the blog was still the way to go.

I'm a bit out of practice, though, so give me a little time to get into the habit of it.

Luke used his new machete to chop up firewood.  Gladly, he still has all his limbs, and so do I.

One of my favorite parts of camping is getting up very early, five o'clock AM early, hours before anybody else rises, and making coffee and reading in the still, quiet morning. It is my heavenly 'me-time.'

Meanwhile, Becky (and the rest of the world) slumber peacefully.

Eventually, everyone gets up, and breakfast gets served. Bacon (the non-turkey variety, PLEASE!) and pancakes are the usual favorites, though Leslie and Scott make some killer breakfast burritos.

While foraging in the forest for firewood, Luke and Andrew came upon an old trash heap with some cool old bottles in them.

On Saturday, we took a nice hike from Washington Monument National Forest (this is the first monument built to George Washington, apparently. The hike is mostly along the A.T., and heads straight back to camp from there.

Dinner that evening was sheesh-kabobs of chicken, beef and vegetables with potatoes baked in the coals of the fire. Wonderful!

After dinner, a few of us enjoyed the free bluegrass concert in the Birch loop amphitheater.

Sunday was spent at the lake, sunbathing and playing frisbee. I wanted to go into the water, but with the recent rains, our camp hosts informed us that the cow manure run-off made the lake unsafe. Not that there weren't a ton of people in the water playing, but when I stepped ankle deep into the water, and could smell shit, I decided to abort my morning swim.

The last night, Sharon and Desi fixed barbecued chicken thighs, an amazing Israeli cous-cous salad, and boiled corn on the cob. For dessert, we did the traditional dutch-oven cobbler, which was met with rousing approval from all.

Another great camping trip, and this time, NO RAIN! Hooray!

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