Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burns Party

Yesterday evening we celebrated our annual Burns Dinner, our intimate midwinter holiday when we enjoy a sumptuous meal of lamb, neaps, tatties, and of course, a haggis! The lamb this year was roasted with a Kauaian coffee spice rub that was outstanding. Sharon and Desi brought smoked salmon with dilled cream cheese on brown bread, and a berry trifle for dessert. Pam and Phil, not to be outdone, also brought a trifle, soaked in Amaretto.

We enjoyed a more subdued holiday this year, but still with the requisite Burns' poetry--the Address to the Haggis--plus the toast to the laddies, and a few love poems. And as usual, some of the older girls shared their original prose. It was a very enjoyable time, and a great excuse to get the friends together.

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