Friday, December 30, 2011

Paddle Surfing, Blue Hole and Luau

Friday was a full day. In the morning, we had a private lesson for paddle surfing (think surfing crossed with snow-boarding, crossed with kayaking) on the Hanalei River. The water was really calm and nice, and Becky and the boys saw some herons and turtles during the one hour lesson. (I was too busy watching the bikini clad women to notice any wildlife.)

After the lesson, we headed out near Ke'e Beach on the far northwestern coast to explore a sacred Hawaiian water cave. To reach the cave, we had to wander up and down a rather treacherous rocky path, and our footwear was ridiculously inappropriate.  Nevertheless, after a few minutes shuffling on all fours, our palms and knees darkly browned by the soft Hawaiian dirt, we reached the cave.  From outside the cave, you cannot tell it is filled with water--it is so clear.  But once inside, the water gives off an eerie milky blue glow.  Our guide invited us to jump into the water and swim, but as the water was about 60 degrees, I was the only one of the family to try it. The water was damn cold, but it was exhilarating and mighty nice to get out afterwards.

Later in the evening, we headed over to the Luau Kalamaku near Lihue. This is a very large, slickly produced affair, but quite an enjoyable two hour show. They seat multiple parties at big tables together, drinks are free, so getting to know your neighbor is just about mandatory. The food was good (especially the roasted pig), but my only complaint was that since they called by table for lining up at the buffet, by the time I got to the buffet, it was pretty well picked over. Somehow, though, I managed not to starve.

Becky, the boys, and my folks all enjoyed the show. The hula dancing was excellent, though my mother remarked that she saw a lot more of those large Hawaiian men than she wanted to! We had a great time, and definitely recommend this Luau for any who come to Kauai.

Saturday is our last day, and we'll spend most of it packing up and going home. Sadly, our trip has come to an end. Kauai is an amazing island, and I do hope we'll be able to come back here again someday.

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