Sunday, December 18, 2011

HDTV Project Complete

Luke and I had the rather large project of hooking our TV up to a couple new HDTV antennas. We purchased a high gain UHF antenna, another high gain VHF antenna, plus a powered pre-amplifier and a combiner (to get them all into one coax wire).

Mounting the setup on the roof of our little chimney bump out proved to be a brisk few hours earlier this morning, but within a little while, I had the cable tied into our DISH Network setup and now we have 30 some odd local channels, plus the ability to tie them into our program guide and DVR.

Very sweet! I feel like Mr. Cool Handyman!


Chuck LeDuc Díaz said...

Goodbye Dish?

Adam said...

That looks like it was some project. Was the mounting hard to set up? I have DISH too. I use an indoor antenna hooked to my DVR. It works well but I wonder if I can get more locals with an outdoor. Did you notice a difference? I think that is one of the coolest features of their DVRs. There are a few “dash” channels like 7 “-“ 3 that I can only get over the air but I can still record from those stations with my DVR. It just adds to the already huge list of HD channels I get from DISH. As an employee I know they have more HD channels then any other provider. I could probably live without the extra over the air channels but I know I couldn’t live without DISH.

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